Why We “Love” Calvary

Publication1In honor of Valentine’s Day this week, we asked some of our supporters what they “love” about Calvary. Here’s what everyone had to say…

P.S. If you’re feeling the love for Calvary this Valentine’s Day, you can add your own reason in the Comments!


“As a volunteer for a decade, I feel like I have received as much as I have given to Calvary.  The strength, gratitude and grace of the women is heartening and keeps me coming back.  I love Calvary.”  (Cara)

“I love how women at Calvary connect with and care for each other – from jobs, to bus schedules, to sharing their ups and downs.”  (Jen)

“I love the interaction with the Calvary women!” (Rose)

“I love Calvary’s commitment to service and community. Without a doubt, I love the women that are served!” (Donna)

“I love being around such inspiring, strong women. The people are just so wonderful and I enjoy volunteering for the program.” (LaRae)

“What I love about Calvary is the devotion the staff members show the women that there is a brighter future ahead of them.” (Nekisha)

“I love the staff at Calvary! Everyone is very friendly and welcoming.” (Tia)

“I’d say that I love jokes late at night when we all laugh really hard and early morning conversations about how to face the challenges of the day.” (Rosalyn)


“I love that Calvary has a proven track record of success with such a high percentage of women who spend a night with Calvary ultimately living on their own.” (Kelly)

“No two people face the same exact challenges in life. Calvary’s personalized approach for support and services to women in need make all the difference.” (Sam)

“I love everything about Calvary – the unbelievable mission, the fantastic Board, the dedicated and talented staff, but most of all, witnessing the progress our residents make each and every day.” (Wasfi)


“Whether it’s two women working together on a life skills project, colleagues bonding over lunch in our new staff lounge, or our volunteer team completely ROCKING the coverage calendar – Calvary’s  sense of community, especially in our new facility, never ceases to amaze me. I LOVE that!” (Catherine)

“I love the ladies that we work with, and the role that I am able to play in supporting them in whatever way that I can.” (Whitney)

“I love coming into work: Each and every day I have to pinch myself that I get the privilege to serve women & work in such an amazing space!” (Jen)

“Being at Calvary gives me a chance to watch the women of Calvary grow and learn how to become a part of society again and watch them build character and the support and compassion that I can give to each and every one of them.” (Sharon)

“I love helping the women reach their goals and/or learn something new.  This makes me feel so much joy and to see their beautiful smiles glowing with the feeling of accomplishment.” (Michele)

“What’s love got to do with it? At Calvary, EVERYTHING! Year after year, the staff, volunteers, and Board of Directors of Calvary have in some way displayed their love of the services that is provided to the past, present and future residents of Calvary.  When I walk into our new location, I see the results of that love. Happy Valentine’s Day!” (Sranda)

“I love that Calvary is a community of people who care about each other.” (Lisa)

“One of the things I love about Calvary is the way the ladies make me laugh. A shift never goes by without taking time to laugh and smile with the residents.” (Janae)

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