Programs & Services

Every woman who comes to Calvary has her own story. We believe that every woman also has strengths and gifts that allow her to make positive changes for a better life. With Calvary’s support, women achieve their goals of permanent housing, financial independence, stable employment and mental wellness. Many of the services at Calvary take place on-site, which removes barriers that can prevent women from accessing the support they need. These services include personalized case management, life skills and education opportunities (LEAP), job placement services (Step Up DC), health services and addiction recovery meetings.

Our Housing Programs
Calvary Transitional Housing Program
Calvary Transitional Housing Program
Women in Calvary Transitional Housing Program receive support in moving out of homelessness while pursuing goals like addressing their mental and physical health, recovering from addiction, healing from trauma they may have experienced and securing income through employment or benefits.
Sister Circle
Sister Circle
Sister Circle is a permanent housing program for women who live independently and continue to receive long-term support while in recovery from substance addiction. Sister Circle provides a close-knit community of peer support.
Calvary's support services empower women to change their lives.

Relapse prevention support for women in recovery from substance addiction.

Therapy and mental health services that support women in addressing histories of mental illness, domestic violence and trauma.

One-on-one support from case managers.

Educational classes and activities (LEAP) on topics such as communication skills, job readiness, financial literacy, creative expression, and women’s health and wellness.

Job placement services (Step Up DC) that connect women to stable sources of income and other benefits.

Nutritious meals and healthy cooking classes.

Referrals to partner agencies for legal, medical, educational or other services.