Our support services ensure women have access to the proper trauma-informed healthcare and educational support they need to take positive steps toward independence.


Calvary provides transitional and permanent supportive housing services that enable women to make lasting changes in their lives.

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Calvary provides therapy and mental health services with a licensed professional, addiction recovery support, and nursing care — all on-site.

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Step Up DC, Calvary Women's Services' job placement program, assists women in gaining employment and financial security.

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Calvary's life skills, education, and arts program (LEAP) is designed to address gaps that may exist in the education and life skills of the women we serve.

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90% of women who secure employment with Calvary's support move into their own homes.
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47% of women at Calvary attended education classes & activities.
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73% of women successfully ended their homelessness and moved into their own homes.
Elaine Johnson
Elaine Johnson
Senior Manager of Education & Programs
"At Calvary we try to see and respond to the whole person, and to support all aspects of each woman's future well-being — her physical health, mental health, and financial health, as well as her curiosity and sense of community."