Calvary provides behavioral health and wellness services to women at all of our housing programs.

According to the 2017 Women’s Needs Assessment, nearly one in three women in DC indicate that violence is the cause of their homelessness. Women at Calvary with a history of domestic abuse have the space and support to begin healing.

Calvary offers daily addiction recovery meetings for women who are working to maintain their sobriety. Meetings are facilitated by an addiction recovery counselor.

Women receive physical care at Calvary’s facility from a staff nurse. Case managers offer support by coordinating medical appointments and follow-up treatment.


More than 40% of the women who came Calvary last year participated in mental health services. This includes more than 600 individual and group therapy sessions provided onsite by a licensed therapist.

Former Resident
"Calvary built me up and made me strong. They made me feel like Yes, there is a tomorrow!"