About Us
Calvary Women’s Services empowers homeless women in Washington, DC, to transform their lives through housing, health, education, and employment programs.

Our programs carry out our mission to achieve excellence in what we offer: a safe, caring place for tonight; support, hope and change for tomorrow. These programs include transitional and permanent housing, personalized case management, life skills and education opportunities, job training, health and wellness services, on-site therapy and daily addiction recovery meetings. At Calvary, we believe every woman has the strengths and gifts she needs to be successful. Each woman in our programs identifies and builds on her strengths, meeting her goals for safe housing, good health and financial independence.

View our 2015 Annual Report.

Our programs work:
every five days, a woman moves from Calvary into her own home.
Our Core Values
We believe all people should be treated with respect by honoring their skills, knowledge, talents and inherent dignity.
We believe that we should live and work with humility. We take every opportunity to appreciate the resources we have, the people whose lives we touch and the community we create.
We believe in being an inclusive community that welcomes all people. We value every opinion, background, history and perspective.
We believe in working together as a team, as a community of people who support one another, willing to both offer and ask for help.
We believe each person is responsible for honoring commitments.
We believe in living and working with integrity and openness.
We believe that each person is valuable and should be treated with compassion and kindness.
We believe that our organization should have the resources and support needed to reach our goals and be a safe environment in which to live and work.
We believe in offering everyone support to reach their highest potential. We have the power to transform our own lives.
We believe in acting with courage, confidence and competence. We work with passion toward our goals.