Calvary’s Board Recognized for Outstanding Leadership

Board members Vicki Sneed, Wasfi Alnabki, and Swafia Lopez Ames

We’re so proud to announce that Calvary Women’s Services’ Board of Directors is a finalist for the Center for Nonprofit Advancement’s Board Leadership Award! This award is a competitive program open to all nonprofit organizations in the Washington metropolitan area. We’re thrilled that our Board of Directors is being recognized in this community for their commitment and passion. You can read our finalist interview here.

The award winners will be announced on the evening of Wednesday, July 23 at the Board Leadership Showcase, so stay tuned for updates next week. If you’re interested in joining us for the Board Leadership Showcase, you may purchase tickets at the Center for Nonprofit Advancement’s website.

In the meantime, Board members took a moment to reflect on their work and why they serve. Read below for a few of their thoughts on being a part of Calvary Women’s Services.

Why did you decide to join the Board of Calvary Women’s Services?

Calvary gets real results. I was fortunate enough to go to the Hope Awards as a non‐board member. I heard an incredibly moving speech by a woman who had been through the Calvary program and was graduating. It was amazing to see what a difference Calvary had made in her life and moreover, hear about her plans for the future. Calvary really does bring hope to so many women. – Trish McHugh

I decided to join the Board of Calvary Women’s Services because the District of Columbia is in the midst of a homelessness crisis, and Calvary Women’s Services offers the type of programming necessary to provide meaningful housing support to homeless women. I am grateful for the roof over my head, and want to do my part to ensure everyone else has one too. – Liz Aloi

What is your favorite thing about serving on this Board at this organization?

The people. The women we serve are amazing, resilient and work so hard to transform their lives ‐ they are inspirational in their ability to overcome and believe in a better life for them and those they love. The leadership and staff at Calvary are professional, caring and unwavering in their support for Calvary’s mission and each individual woman. You can feel the positive culture when you walk in the door. And finally, the board is fully engaged ‐ every meeting is constructive, thoughtful and focused on forward action. Board members know Calvary intimately ‐ frequently visiting, volunteering and keeping up on organizational decisions, successes and challenges. They show up in every sense. The people make Calvary the special place it is. – Vicki Sneed

What makes Calvary Women’s Services and the Board of Directors unique?

Calvary Women’s Services and its Board are both unique and very special. Calvary is unique because the organization is client‐centric. Everything Calvary does is focused on the women we serve. All organizational and Board decisions radiate from that central point. Everything we do keeps our eye on the mission. – Wasfi Alnabki What makes us unique is that we are not afraid to have fun while working to support Calvary. We have chemistry and really all focus to do our best for the organization. We are enthusiastic, creative and smile, even when making difficult decisions. – Dani Mackey

Congratulations to our Board of Directors!

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