Corporate Partner Spotlight: MGAC

Through our “Corporate Partner Spotlight” series, readers can get to know organizations and individuals that have joined Calvary Women’s Services in empowering women who are homeless.

Since 2006, MGAC has shown invaluable dedication to Calvary Women’s Services by giving financial support, in-kind donations, hundreds of volunteer hours, professional expertise and more. MGAC provides project, cost and construction management services to data centers, hospitality, corporations, non-profits, government, and retail companies, as well as cultural and higher education institutions.

MGAC is one of our “Empower” Corporate Partners, and over the years has partnered with Calvary on a number of initiatives. Perhaps most notably, MGAC offered extensive project management services as Calvary purchased, renovated and moved to our facility on Good Hope Road in 2013. MGAC has also sponsored the Hope Awards Dinner every year since 2006.



Calvary’s board of directors was thrilled this past spring to welcome Heather Davis, MGAC’s managing director of brand and culture, as a new member. Heather shared her personal giving philosophy and motivation for joining the board:

“I am fortunate to have benefited from the guidance of strong women both personally and professionally throughout my life. This has helped define who I am from my educational roots and my approach to mentoring young women seeking career advice, to leading an intimate group of female industry professionals. Recognizing how this has helped me throughout my life, it is my responsibility to do what I can to directly help and advocate for other women.

Being a resident of Southeast Washington, I also wanted to find an organization that was committed to helping the people of DC. Calvary has a record of success that creates impactful results. Lastly, I think that homelessness paired with mental illness is one of the most underfunded and challenging issues in our society.”

One of Heather’s favorite “Calvary moments” is going on a tour led by executive director Kris Thompson. Heather said, “Seeing the collaborative spaces, kitchens, garden, craft space and bedrooms for women was very moving. It is easy to see why there are so many successful women that have emerged from this program due to the level of quality and care that goes into everything the Calvary staff manifests.”


Asked about why MGAC chose to become a Corporate Partner, Heather responded, “MGAC is committed to demonstrating our fundamentals as good corporate citizens, and this means finding partners like Calvary that embody our values. MGAC is a supporter of women’s issues and is dedicated to making Washington, DC a better place, which translates into supporting organizations that create solutions for the city’s homeless population.”

Since its inception, part of MGAC’s organizational DNA has been giving back to the community, whether that is assisting women at Calvary, championing literacy and math programs in schools or supporting the arts. MGAC philanthropy supports more than 30 organizations around the country. We are immensely grateful to be one of the many causes that MGAC supports!

If your organization is interested in learning about Calvary’s Corporate Partners Program, please click here for information.

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