Learning to Not Settle for Less

Linda had a traumatic year. After leaving an unstable relationship, she was robbed and all her identifying documents were stolen, causing her to lose her apartment. She spent time living with various family members, but knew that she needed to find a place of her own. Running out of options, Linda spent what little money she had on a few nights in a hotel, but she knew she needed somewhere safe to go.

She had always been anxious about shelters. She heard they were dirty and loud. So when Linda found Calvary through an internet search, she breathed a sigh of relief. She found the type of place she was looking for – a place that would provide the structure and resources she needed to reach her goals. With the support of her case manager, Linda enrolled in Calvary’s job placement Step Up DC right away.

“Step Up DC taught me to prepare to go back into working. Interviews helped with healing and helped me break out of my shell.”

Pretty quickly, she got a job at a daycare center. Linda loves working with children. She gets energy from spending her day with little ones, and she gets so wrapped up in caring for them that coworkers often have to encourage her to take her breaks.

The job at the daycare center helped boost Linda’s confidence, and gave her a steady income, but it only paid $9 per hour and didn’t come with any benefits. Linda knew she needed to stay motivated to find another job with higher pay and benefits if she was going to reach her goals of permanent housing and good health.

After five months at her first daycare center, armed with her newfound confidence and a recent position on her resume, Linda re-joined Step Up DC. With the security of a place to stay at Calvary, Linda was able to focus her job search on a higher-paying job with good benefits.

“I came to Calvary to take the information I needed, and get the support I needed, and move on from here.”

After a few months, Linda got a job offer at another daycare center. This time she was offered $13.95 per hour with full benefits!

Linda has been at her new job for just over a month, and is working toward her Childhood Development Associate (CDA) Credential. With a more stable income, Linda is looking forward to moving out of Calvary and into her own home.

“At Calvary I’ve increased my confidence. I’ve learned to not settle for less.”

When asked what she looks forward to most about her own apartment, Linda said, “Decorating it and making it my own. Settling into my own space where I can have my family over.”



Calvary Women’s Services provides a safe place for women like Linda to build the stronger futures they see for themselves. To support our mission, please consider making a donation. Your support ensures that more women like Linda can transform their lives. 

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