Volunteer Spotlight: Victoria Terry and Catherine Gorman

At Calvary Women’s Services, we are so thankful to have 2 amazing interns with us this Spring: Victoria Terry and Catherine Gorman.

Victoria Terry is our Community Engagement intern. Currently a student at Howard University, she is in her senior year and studying Community Health Education. When she graduates she is hoping to pursue work in health advocacy and consulting. Over the past couple of months she has been an invaluable resource for the volunteer program, making sure all the volunteer activities are properly staffed and organized.

Victoria’s enthusiasm and passion for Calvary’s work are infectious. We are always thrilled when she comes into the office because her positive attitude lifts everyone’s spirits!

Catherine Gorman is working with Calvary’s Step Up DC program. She has been assisting with group and one-on-one job skills training, as well as coordinating client sessions at Calvary’s partner organization Skyland Workforce Center. This is her final semester at American University where she is studying Political Science. Upon graduating, Catherine hopes to pursue a career in public policy with a focus on social justice.

During her time with Calvary and Step Up DC, Catherine has had such a positive impact on the women enrolled in the program. Providing support in everything from completing online job applications to conducting mock interviews, Catherine’s passion for helping others is apparent in the work she does and is much appreciated by all those at Calvary.

Where are you from?

V:  Memphis, TN

C:  Western Springs, IL (Right outside of Chicago)

Share a fun fact about yourself!

V: I love to dance! It’s so freeing and a great way to exercise!

C:  I am super crafty and love to paint and make my own stationary.

Why do you volunteer at Calvary?

V:  I volunteer at Calvary because it is such a loving and inclusive environment. The clients and staff are the sweetest individuals you will ever meet.

C:  It is both fun and challenging and I look forward to every day at work. The women I get to work with are wonderful and it is such an uplifting place to work.

What do you like best about your work with Calvary?

V:  I love that I’m always learning! Whether [the staff] is showing me a new technique or a client is informing me about a fun event, I always leave better than I came.

C:  I enjoy getting to see the small successes that the women have and how the program impacts their lives.

What has been your most memorable experience at Calvary?

V:  My most memorable moment at Calvary has been seeing the ladies perform a read-through of the play “Blood Quilt.” They are so talented and passionate. It was truly a treat!

C:  In early February we all went to a job fair where the women got the opportunity to dress up and meet employers. It was great seeing them all in their work wear feeling confident with their resumes in hand. We all went to Shake Shack for lunch afterwards and got the chance to get to know each other which was great.

What has surprised you most about volunteering at Calvary?

V:  The caring and joyful spirits of the clients exceeded my expectations. They are so down to earth and treat everyone like family. I’m so grateful to have met such outstanding individuals.)

C:  I have been surprised by just how unique each woman is. All of the women at Calvary and Skyland have different work histories which makes the process interesting. One day I will be searching for dog walking positions and the next day I might be searching for building management roles. Helping the women in Step Up DC find quality opportunities that correlate with their interests is exciting when the women are unique and motivated.

What would you tell someone considering getting involved at Calvary?

V:  There is no better place that they could volunteer. Advocacy for women and homelessness is desperately needed in this community. On top of that, it’s really fun!

C:  Calvary is such a great environment to volunteer in. The women are great and the staff is supportive. Every day is different which keeps things exciting!

If you had to choose one word to describe Calvary, what would it be?

V: Nurturing

C:  Loving

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