Volunteer Spotlight: Anna Rogers

Anna Rogers, front row second from the right, with education program participants

Anna Rogers has had the unique opportunity to explore many volunteer roles at Calvary Women’s Services this year. She began as a front desk volunteer, answering phone calls and welcoming guests at our facility on Good Hope Road. After finding the experience to be very rewarding, she applied for and received a summer internship with our education program.

This fall, Anna is excited to embark on a Masters program at the University of Maryland, College Park. Before the fall semester gets too busy with academic activities, we wanted to speak with Anna about her rewarding volunteer journey at Calvary:

How would you describe your role at Calvary Women’s Services?

During my time as an intern, my day revolved around the education program classes and ensuring that everything ran smoothly behind the scenes. I was responsible for updating attendance records, keeping the program room organized, and setting up and preparing materials for the afternoon classes.

I was able to facilitate two classes, a typing skills class and a creative arts class. Once a week, I would help with the job placement program as well, providing assistance to residents who were searching for jobs, filling out job applications, and writing resumes.

How did you first get involved at Calvary?

I began volunteering at Calvary earlier this year, covering shifts at the front desk. I hope to work in social services in the future, so my original goal was to familiarize myself with the field while I was on winter break, as well as to use my time off to be productive and support a good cause. However, I ended up coming in weekly until the end of spring and then being offered a summer internship!

What has been your most unique or favorite experience at Calvary?

I have been so fortunate to be in a position where it was a part of my day to spend time with the women. In getting to know them, I was able to learn about how resilient and smart each woman was in her own way.

Among many things, I saw their determination and patience while trying to improve a skill, their passion for their interests, their hope and positivity for the future, or their eagerness for success. I loved seeing Calvary bring out their strengths and provide them with opportunities to use those strengths.

Has anything surprised you while volunteering at Calvary?

The constant love and support throughout the building blew me away, from the staff and from the women. Empowerment is a vital part of Calvary and its programs, however, I never expected it to reach as far as it does. I was lucky to have worked closely with the program staff, who ensured that I felt empowered by encouraging me at every step.

What would you tell someone about Calvary who is looking for volunteer opportunities?

There are so many opportunities available! No matter what your skillset, there is a place for you at Calvary where it can be utilized and cherished. Be prepared to leave a piece of your heart, though!

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