Become a Partner for Tomorrow and increase your impact today!

Let’s be frank: the past few months have been hard on all of us. But for the women living at Calvary, it has been particularly perilous. For many of the women, much of the progress they have made toward rebuilding their lives — such as finding a new job and securing permanent housing — has become that much more difficult due to the pandemic. Even still, Calvary and the programs we offer are here for them as they work toward rebuilding their lives.

The secret to our success? You. The support we receive from our donors, friends, volunteers, and community partners is the key to keeping our life-saving programs open and available to everyone we serve. There’s a special segment of donors dedicated to supporting us year-round with monthly or quarterly donations. They are our Partners for Tomorrow. Knowing we will receive these monthly donations not only gives us peace of mind but it makes our jobs easier. We can rest assured that no matter what, we will have the support of our Partners for Tomorrow so that we can continue supporting the women who call Calvary home.

Will you join us as a Partner for Tomorrow and pledge to make a monthly donation today?

At the end of June, we launched our Partners for Tomorrow Campaign. Our goal is to grow this program by 50 new donors by July 26th. Your monthly gift will help provide the immediate stability that Calvary needs during this unprecedented time and will continue to sustain us as we navigate the future.

A little goes a long way. Every monthly donation, no matter the amount, has an enormous impact throughout the year.

$15 a month = $180 a year

$30 a month = $360 a year

$50 a month = $600 a year

$100 a month = $1,200 a year

If you join us before July 26th as a monthly donor, your donation will have an even greater impact. If we reach our goal of 50 new Partners for Tomorrow, an additional $5,500 from community partners will be unlocked! Thank you to our partners at The New Media Firm for their matching gift of $1,000 and City First Bank for their matching gift of $2,000 and to longtime Major Donors Paula and John Millian for graciously sponsoring a matching gift of $2,500.

We are so close! Can you help us ensure we hit our goal of 50 new Partners for Tomorrow?

Community support is essential now more than ever. We would not have been able to keep our doors open for over 35 years without the support of the amazing Calvary community, and are once again turning to that same community now. Thank you for your commitment to help women overcome homelessness and rebuild their lives. We look forward to welcoming you to the Partners for Tomorrow family.

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