More Than Relapse Prevention

The RPG facilitator, Ms. Monroe, always writes inspiring messages and quotes on the board for the women at Calvary.

Akeela starts a new job in January 2021. Reflecting back on her time at Calvary she said, “There is no telling where I would have ended up if not for Calvary Women’s Services and Relapse Prevention Group (RPG). I know I would not be here getting ready to start a new job if not for my hard work and Calvary’s support.”

Two years ago Akeela faced some traumatizing and hard times and as a result she lost her job of 15 years. In the midst of losing her career, she became homeless and fell into a deep depression. She started staying on friends couches for as long as she could, but she knew she couldn’t do that forever.

Akeela had to make a change and that’s when she found Calvary. On her first morning at Calvary, Akeela attended RPG, and that’s when her life began to change.

When Akeela first started participating in Relapse Prevention Group at Calvary, she did not know where she fit in. She said, “I felt like I didn’t have a serious problem. But, I ended up finding myself in that group. Listening to other women’s stories made me realize that that could have been me if I hadn’t taken the opportunity to find help when I did.”

Akeela quickly realized that RPG was much more than relapse prevention. Through RPG, Akeela has learned anger management, coping skills, and to not be ashamed of her story. For the first time in her life, RPG made Akeela feel like she could share her experiences and not be judged or looked down upon.

“I was able to find acceptance within myself and that changed everything for me.”

Ms. Monroe, the RPG facilitator, has made Akeela’s time at Calvary even more meaningful. “Ms. Monroe creates a space where we can share and learn from one another. She is always there, no matter what. She even shows up during a pandemic and on holidays. Her dedication to RPG has given me hope.”

Every day Akeela learns something new at RPG.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, Akeela could feel herself falling into depression and her anxiety worsened due to obstacles out of her control. But because of the coping skills Akeela learned at Calvary, Akeela remained positive and focused. Now, as she prepares to begin her new job in January, Akeela knows that she has all of the skills and support she needs to be successful.

Akeela is looking forward to eventually moving in to her own home and pursuing a degree in web development.

“Calvary is the best. I’ve seen so many success stories of women leaving after rebuilding their lives at Calvary. And now that is me. This year has tested me, but I stayed strong and now I am on my way to having my own home again and being independent. Walking into Calvary on my first day, I never would have imagined I’d be so proud of myself.”

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