Case Managers Make a Difference: MH’s Thank You


Case Managers a Calvary Women’s Services play an integral role in helping new residents find their footing. Recently, “MH” shared a thank you message and poem for Intake Coordinator and Case Manager, Kelly Williams-El’Amin.

MH said that getting a call from Kelly to let her know she would be moving into Calvary was a turning point for her.

“The call I received from you, Kelly, changed my life. I actually became emotional. I couldn’t even speak. You said to me, “Are you still there?” Then you said the magic blessed words. The seven words you said were: ‘IT IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT.’

Thank you for making a huge difference in my life with your smile, respect, and warm welcome into My Calvary Family with love.”

Read MH’s poem for her Case Manager: What’s In a Name

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