Meet Our Team: Katie Gregson

Katie Gregson


Katie Gregson is a case manager for Calvary Women’s Service’s Reach Up transitional housing program. Reach Up specifically serves women fleeing domestic violence. In her short time here, Katie is already attached to the program and the people. In this role she continues to pursue her commitment to working in a “profession of love that values the dignity and worth of all people.”

Katie was initially attracted to Calvary because of its mission statement, dedicated to empowering women in Washington, DC, who are experiencing homelessness to transform their lives through housing, health, education, and employment programs.

Calvary Women’s Services offers safe transitional housing and affordable permanent supportive housing in tandem with wraparound support services—education classes, job readiness and placement, health and wellness resources, clinical services, addiction recovery support, and individualized case management—as women identify their needs, set goals for their lives, and make lasting changes. Through its programs, Calvary has the capacity to serve up to 200 women a year.

Katie evaluates and coordinates care options to best meet her clients’ mental, physical, and emotional needs and helps them achieve their goals. “No day ever looks the same as the next,” says Katie, so her position requires a lot of flexibility.

Her favorite part of the job is the day-to-day connections she makes with clients. “Whether just checking in on how their day is going, or being a listening ear, or sharing a commonality, or celebrating a small success, I really enjoy the relational part of my job,” Katie said. “It’s a blessing to be even a small part of someone’s transformation journey.”

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in human development from Brigham Young University, Katie took a job working with teenagers in a behavioral health setting and immediately discovered her passion for devoting her life’s work to “justice, education, and well-being.” She said being at Calvary is personally enriching because “it’s rare to encounter a person who has dedicated their life to the aid of others, and I get to work in an environment full of them on a daily basis.”

A classically trained pianist who grew up in a large family surrounded by music and the arts, Katie is inherently a creative person, which helps inspire her at Calvary. “It’s creative, evocative, challenging, and purposeful work. There have been constant opportunities to learn as I’ve served different populations. I feel like I am making the world a little bit better through my work—sometimes just for one person, sometimes for many.”

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