A Fresh Start for the Women in Sisters Rise

Sisters Rise, the newest program at Calvary Women’s Services, is supporting  women who are survivors of domestic violence as they settle into their new homes and get a fresh start in their lives.

Calvary staff recently held a special meet & greet event to bring the women of Sisters Rise together to celebrate the women who have secured permanent housing and all this accomplishment entails, said John Kemp, assistant director of permanent housing. “We also wanted them to be together to meet each other and be reminded that although their individual journeys are unique, they are not alone and can become a part of each other’s support system.”

Women in Sisters Rise receive support to live independently in apartments of their choice. That support includes managing the logistics of finding and settling into new housing. In addition, women receive access to Calvary’s wraparound support services, such as case management, counseling, job readiness and placement, and education services.

Each client also receives support to purchase furniture and other household items, as well as temporary assistance with food, transportation, and other expenses, which “helps them get a strong start on the journey into independent living.”

Stephanie Patterson, case manager for Sisters Rise, organized the meet & greet event to include information about Calvary’s wraparound support programs, refreshments, getting-to-know-you games, and prizes. She said she enjoyed “seeing the connections made that may develop into friendships to be a support for one another.”

The impact of Sisters Rise is immeasurable. “I joined a client at her new apartment so she could sign the remaining documents and get her keys. As the leasing agent handed her the keys to her new home she began to cry,” John recalled. “She explained that she spent so much time without housing of her own, and that the journey to this moment was so long, she felt overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. I joined the client and the leasing agent as we headed up to see how the electronic keys work. Once inside, the client took me on a tour, beaming as she described her plans for furnishing and decorating her apartment.”

Like all of Calvary’s programs, every woman who comes to Sisters Rise receives empowering support to end her homelessness and transform her life. To follow along as Calvary’s programs continue to grow, follow us on our social media.

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