Gifting Joy: Inside the Heartwarming Accessories Party at Calvary Women’s Services

Calvary Women’s Services recently hosted an Accessories Party, creating a unique and uplifting experience for Calvary’s programs.

Schwanna Cockerham-Qualls, a dedicated therapist at Calvary Women’s Services, organized the event after collecting like-new donations of handbags, clothing, and accessories from supporters in the community.

More than 10 women attended the party at Good Hope Road, where the dining room had been converted into a haven of style and empowerment. The space featured tables filled with accessories, ranging from clothing, handbags, shoes, to a wide array of jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, brooches, and rings. Another table held art supplies, toiletries, and hobby materials. Women were able to explore the tables, as they enjoyed refreshments.

Over the course of the afternoon, Schwanna guided women through a unique shopping experience. In various rounds, women were invited to select items for themselves. Between the rounds, lively conversation filled the room as women discussed personal style preferences and how they planned to utilize their new accessories for job interviews and special occasions.

Then, after each woman had chosen a few things for herself, Schwanna encouraged everyone to carefully select one item for someone important in their lives. One client stood in front of the jewelry table, searching for the perfect pair of earrings for her sister. One woman wanted to gift her friend a handbag. Another found something special for her daughter who loves all things purple.

The event also welcomed a previous client who, after finding work and permanent housing through Calvary’s programs, returned to offer encouragement to current residents. Her presence added an inspiring dimension to the gathering, emphasizing the lasting impact of Calvary Women’s Services.

As the party concluded, women received gift bags and boxes for the items the women had chosen as gifts for their loved ones. The women left the room excited about future accessory parties, smiling with their newfound treasures.

Events such as the Accessories Party thrive with the support of the Calvary community. Discover more about how you can contribute in-need items and make a difference in the lives of women experiencing homelessness here:

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