Supporter Story: Julie Jacobson, Founder of Share Fund

Calvary Women’s Services’ mission is simple, yet profound: to empower women experiencing homelessness in Washington, D.C. to transform their lives and end their homelessness for good. Our team does this by offering housing, health, education, and employment programs to each woman in our programs.

Yet, behind each of these success stories, is a community of dedicated donors and supporters who fuel our mission to end women’s homelessness.

Meet Julie Jacobson, Founder of Share Fund. With a spirit for social change, Julie works with the Share Fund team to improve access to food, shelter, jobs, education, and literacy through grant-making.

For over a decade, Julie and the Share Fund team have invested in the women in Calvary’s programs, creating a ripple of change. Their investments have funded essential programs, enabling women to access the support they need.

We recently connected with Julie to learn more about why Share Fund has dedicated itself to Calvary’s mission.

What is Share Fund?

Share Fund is a donor-advised fund at the Greater Washington Community Foundation and which was founded over a decade ago by Julie Jacobson. Assisted by Executive Director Pamela Nash, Share Fund’s grant making is focused in DC. Our grant making works to improve access to food, shelter, jobs, education and literacy.  Share Fund also seeks to enrich the DC metropolitan area’s cultural and local environment for all.

What inspired you to begin supporting Calvary Women’s Services?

Share Fund invited Calvary Women’s Services to apply for a grant in 2012 and we’ve been proud to support them ever since. Calvary’s services are critically important for women in DC who don’t have essential support when they need it.

What would you share with someone who is considering supporting Calvary Women’s Services?

Calvary has continued to impress us for over a decade with thoughtful and well executed growth on both the housing and programmatic sides of their work. Their excellent leadership has ensured that Calvary is never over extended either financially or organizationally but at the same time the focus is always down the road, to expanding sensibly, overcoming the next challenge, and enhancing their already impressive supportive offerings.

The emphasis on individualized attention has paid off in an impressive success rate with many women’s lives greatly changed for the better. We found this even more remarkable given their very low barrier setting and serving such traumatized clients.

If you had to describe Calvary in one word, what would it be and why?

I’m not sure just one word could do justice to all the good being done at Calvary, but perhaps “meaningful” captures their unique blend of compassion and effectiveness.

Interested in learning more about how you can make an impact at Calvary? Check out this list of ways to support our mission.

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