Volunteer Spotlight: Fiby Daniel

Did you know that Calvary offers women access to creative, engaging classes each week? All of these courses are taught by an incredible team of volunteers, such as Fiby Daniel (she/her/hers).

Fiby first began volunteering at Calvary in 2020, teaching a virtual class during the pandemic before joining us as in-person Life Skills, Education, and Arts Program (LEAP) instructor when our programs reopened to visitors in 2022.

“I am a LEAP leader and host a music-themed class for the women at Calvary,” shared Fiby. “I’ve hosted an ‘Old School, New School’ class which focused on the history of R&B, ‘Evolution of Girl Groups,’ and a couple of ‘All Genre’ classes that focused on the broad scope of what music has to offer as a whole.”

In Fiby’s LEAP class, attendees listen to music spanning different genres, from Iniko to Stevie Wonder. She facilitates thoughtful discussions and promotes critical thinking among the women in her class. By encouraging participants to actively listen to the lyrics, melody, and beat, women in the music appreciation class can reflect on each song and share their thoughts in an environment that promotes self-expression.

Recent studies show that music can have a positive impact on listeners, by improving mood, prompting relaxation, and even decreasing anxiety. Women in Calvary’s programs enjoy how Fiby’s class creates a safe space to have fun and prioritize well-being in a unique way.

Fiby brings with her a plethora of experiences to share with the women who attend her LEAP class. She describes her passion for music, saying, “I am a classically trained pianist and violinist, and have loved music for as long as I can remember. In my own time, I love listening to all types of music – from reggae to opera.”

Fiby’s passion for supporting women and promoting healthy communities doesn’t stop with teaching LEAP.

“Outside of music, I am a huge science nerd and am working on earning my MPH degree with a concentration in epidemiology,” she recently told us.  “I work in the pharmaceutical industry, working to increase proportional representation of underrepresented populations in clinical research.”

When she’s not in school or teaching LEAP classes, Fiby is following one of her other passions: “I am also a foodie and will most likely try any food at least once. I’m a firm believer of the phrase ‘don’t yuck my yum!’”

We’re grateful to Fiby for continuing to share her passion with women at Calvary’s programs as LEAP teacher!

Do you have a skill or passion you’d like to share either in an ongoing class or one-time workshop? Learn how you can become a LEAP teacher or find other ways to volunteer at calvaryservices.org/volunteer.

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