New Foundations Celebrates First Anniversary, Looks to the Future

This month, we celebrate the first anniversary of New Foundations transitional housing program! Since first welcoming women through its doors in March 2023, New Foundations has become a beacon of hope to women who were experiencing homelessness as a result of domestic violence.   

At the core of Calvary Women’s Services’ mission is to provide critical services like housing for women experiencing homelessness. In many cases, this involves offering a safe haven for women fleeing domestic violence. This is especially crucial in the District, where 30% of survivors of intimate partner violence experience housing instability. 

Recognizing the pressing need for more housing for survivors of domestic violence, Calvary opened New Foundations, our sixth and most recent housing program, in Washington, D.C., thanks to the unwavering dedication from members of the community and support from the District. 

Keshia Adams, New Foundations’ founding Program Manager, remembered how it felt opening the doors to the site’s first residents and aimed to create an environment built on trust from day one.  

During New Foundations’ first year, the incredible staff at New Foundations worked diligently to ensure the women at the heart of the program were able to access the services they needed to regain their independence. Keshia explained that “being able to see each woman as an individual” was key to building respect and understanding at the program site.  

Trust and clear communication between staff members was also essential during the first year at New Foundations. “It was a beautiful sight to witness,” Keshia noted about how well the staff worked together. “As program manager, I didn’t want to leave any person of the team behind because they are on this journey with me as well.” 

“My favorite memory to thus was when a resident opened up about her experiences and shared her story with the group during a life skills session,” says Crystal Butcher, current Program Manager of New Foundations. “The participant had been with us for several weeks but had been very reserved and hesitant to engage in group activities. However, during this session, as we discussed coping strategies for dealing with trauma, the participants started to speak up tentatively. Witnessing the participant’s courage and the collective support of the group was a poignant reminder of the resilience of survivors and the importance of providing a supportive environment for healing and growth.” 

By continuing to build the community of trust at New Foundations, Crystal is looking ahead to the future of the program. “What I am looking forward to at New Foundations for the year is producing better positive outcomes for women,” Crystal shared.  

“This includes fostering independence and self-sufficiency through skill development and employment opportunities, promoting stability in housing and relationships, and empowering women to achieve long-term success and well-being in their lives.” 

Thanks to the firm support of staff and members of our community, New Foundations will continue to support and empower women who are survivors of domestic violence in their journey toward permanent housing solutions at Calvary Women’s Services. 

You can donate to empower women working to end their homelessness for good here.

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