Meal Volunteer


Provide a healthy, home-cooked meal for women at Calvary! Meal volunteers prepare and serve meals on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at Calvary. Meal volunteers prepare or purchase a meal off site and bring it to Calvary to serve. Meal volunteers will serve anywhere from 13 – 40 residents, and are invited to sit and enjoy the meal with women at Calvary after the meal is served.

You’ll be on site for an hour and a half during your meal service. We ask that you serve three meals per year and make a commitment of one year, with the option to continue based on the your availability. There is also the option to commit to serving one meal per month – in that case, we will match you with the same meal each month for consistency.


Time Commitment

Three meals per year, on weekends, for 90 minutes each meal.


“Preparing meals for the Calvary Women is a joy and we are always excited to see and talk with the women on our appointed date and time. They are so grateful and we are so thankful for the opportunity to serve. It’s a pleasure working with the Calvary staff & staff volunteers also. They are always ready to assist whenever needed.”

– Dottie


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