Honoring Women Veterans
Last week my kids and I were in Detroit for a Tigers baseball game.  We joined everyone in the stadium on that 4th of July weekend in honoring veterans.  As the screen on the scoreboard projected the faces of the veterans in attendance and the crow…
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Female Veterans and Homelessness
As we’ve talked about before on the blog, many of the women who come to Calvary are survivors of past trauma and abuse. And post traumatic stress disorder, a common illness for veterans, is something that we deal with a lot at Calvary. Overall, in…
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Everything you need to know about Post-Truamatic Stress Disorder in four easy answers
As we have discussed before on this blog, many women at Calvary are survivors of abuse and trauma. And, often, this can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder. However, many who come through our doors are completely unaware of the long-term affects t…
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