Volunteer Spotlight: Christ Church Washington Parish


Calvary Women’s Services is thankful for the dedicated meal volunteers who ensure the women we serve have access to warm and nutritious meals on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

We’re excited to highlight one of our dedicated meal volunteer partners, Christ Church Washington Parish, an inner-city parish with a mission to promote community in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. Volunteers from Christ Church have been steadfast supporters of Calvary’s programs since 2020!

We recently asked Barb Crandall, a regular meal volunteer and Christ Church member, about her time supporting our work

Barb shared that in spring of 2020, the pandemic changed the church’s ability to provide meals to unhoused individuals around Eastern Market. It was that time that Linda Mellgren, a long-time parishioner, learned about our programs and inquired about ways to support our work. “Our church believes in what Calvary does,” Barb noted enthusiastically.

“We have been preparing and delivering dinners for more than four years,” Barb reflected on the church’s dedication to providing nutritious meals to the women we serve. “Since the opening of New Foundations in 2023, we now prepare two meals per month – one for Reach Up and one for New Foundations.”

“Our volunteers decide what to cook,” Barb described how parishioners organize meals each month. “Some favorite dishes have been chicken kebabs and cottage pie.”

After the January 18th crisis at Calvary’s Good Hope site, congregants rallied together to provide extra meals for residents who were displaced and breakfast to encourage our staff. Since then, they have continued to provide support towards women in our programs. In fact, Christ Church’s Outreach Committee has made Calvary one of their five main outreach partners, further strengthening the relationship between the two organizations.

In addition to providing nutritious meals as meal volunteers, members of Christ Church have also participated in Calvary’s fundraising events such as the In This Together Community Walk and 40th Anniversary Ruby Jubilee.

When asked about her favorite volunteering experience, Barb said, “the best part of the week is seeing the appreciation from the residents when the food is delivered. We are all so happy to help and support the success for Calvary residents.”

We’re incredibly grateful for amazing volunteers like Barb and the members at Christ Church who empower women 365 days a year!

Are you interested in making an impact in our community? Sign up to become a meal volunteer or visit the volunteer page of our website to find more exciting opportunities to serve the women in our programs.

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